In a digital world, you have to be digital!

You have strong marketing skills mixed with a good knowledge of the technology environment and evolution.


   Then don't hesitate - choose Digital Marketing training.


You will be able to

 to analyze a given market,

   determine brand positioning,

    to design a digital communication campaign,

     to market new products.

   The purpose of this training is to enable each participant to learn how to manage a brand on the Internet.

   The training is based on actual cases from practice.


   You will learn how to get a better understanding of users. Effectively and optimally use different communication channels - mobile platforms, social networks, e-mail, paid search. To develop a strategy to brand relevant content.


   Professional development

   Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Web Project Leader, E-Business and E-Commerce Consultant, Social Media Manager, Online Media Planner.

   You will get to know all web media, you will work closely with product managers, traffic managers, creative people.

Consultant and teacher Ivan Popov

Director "Information, Contacts, Projects"

on the European international portal From YOU for YOU



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