Works of the course students are exhibited in

internet gallery of Portal From YOU for YOU


   The course is led by photographer-artist Ivan Popov, one of the first prominent representatives of Bulgarian surrealist photo art. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, Director "Information, contacts, projects" of the European international portal From YOU for YOU


  The course program also provides precise individual training.


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An introductory course in photography

The aim of this course is to acquire knowledge and skills for photographing different objects.

   The students get acquainted with photographic technique, photostylistics.

   They learn skills for taking photos and processing them with application programs.


   The course is 40 astronomical hours organized in five days.

   Of which 1st day theory 8 hours, 2nd day practice 8 hours, 3rd day theory 8 hours, 4th day practice 8 hours, 5th day analysis of photographs taken by the course participants and computer processing of photo images 8 o'clock.