D/3D designer, photographer-artist, system administrator

   We, the able, led by the ignorant, do the impossible for the good of the ungrateful. And we have done so much, with so little, in such a short time, that we have become skilled at making everything from nothing.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Konstantin Josef Jireček

   Design services

    Training in Conceptual unique Web design with advanced technologies of Adobe Corp.

    Photography course - documentary, advertising, artistic, surrealist, journalistic photography

Optical and digital photography - documentary, advertising, artistic, surreal and journalistic photography

Animation, Post Production DVCPRO, HDTV, TV, CorpMPEG4

Filming, editing, 2D and 3D video effects

Embed voiceover, record and add voiceover to videos

Extract audio from videos and movies

Training in initial design and production of advertising

Design and preparation of electronic advertising - company presentations, presentation of products and services, static and animated banners, etc.

Design and preparation of Internet advertising - company presentation on the Internet, presentation of products and services, positioning of banners, etc.

Design and preparation of printed advertising - company logo, trademark, flyers, catalogs, calendars, business cards, etc.

Design and preparation of one-off and periodic printed publications - books, brochures, directories, directories, etc.

Pre-press preparation of editions - color separation, color samples, shaping of printing cars, checking of fonts, etc.

    Design, construction and construction of Conceptual unique Web sites, portals, portfolios, personal pages

Redesign of sites, portals, portfolio, personal pages

Digital processing of graphics and photographs - correction of scale, tilt, color, contrast, color noise, cropping of fragments, assembly of an image




  Internet services

Selection, registration and installation in suitable hosting of domains and Add-On domains

Hosting and administration of internet pages, sites, portals

Updating information on internet pages, sites, portals

Create, set up and manage email accounts

Transfer sites and domains from one host to another

Maintenance, SEO optimization, registration in search engines and referring sites of sites and portals

Promotion of sites and portals in certain geographical areas

Subscription maintenance of sites and portals


   Computer Services

Subscription maintenance of computer systems and local computer networks

Remove viruses and Trojans, create and configure antivirus protection

Recovery of deleted data from hard drives, flash drives

Cleaning computer components from dust



Installation and reinstallation of operating systems and application software

Training of employees to work with computer systems, peripherals, software

Installing and updating drivers

Translation of application programs from English and Russian into Bulgarian

And other procedures and operations for specific problems



Diagnostics of motherboards, video cards, network cards,

hard drives, monitors, routers, switches

Repair of computers, laptops, printers, scanners and other peripherals

Replacement of fans, power supplies, cables, motherboards,

video cards, network cards, hard drives, monitors, routers, switches

Troubleshoot hardware and software issues

Creation and setup of wireless and wired internet

Construction and maintenance of local computer networks

And other procedures and operations for specific hardware problems

Assembly, installation, subscription maintenance of computers and computer networks



     Expert services

     Training in Digital Marketing

     Training on Information Protection in computer systems, networks, Web sites

     Training in Strategies for searching and using electronic information

Organizing and conducting Webinars

Installation, organization and conduct of online trainings

Internet marketing - research and preparation of a marketing strategy for a company website, products, services

Implementation of internet marketing strategy for company website, products, services

Assistance in registering a company name and trademark

Optical and digital photography analysis and expertise

Video analysis and expertise



    Successful can doers have focused on something that others thought was unattainable...

             Every problem gives rise to a solution. Every solution creates new problems. That's the price of experience...


             Ivan Popov

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